«I feel alive when I create and make something important for society»

In 2012 Tatiana founded first digital magazine about Russian culture for Russians TVOYA ISTORIA (www.tvoyaistoria.ru); since that year she was the pioneer of many cultural projects like Humanitarian Women Summit (2016); Russian Fashion Film Festival (2016), Russian Fashion Introduction Exhibition in London (2016); free newspaper for smart kids TVOYA GAZETA; exhibition on recycled&sustainable art (2019); smart take-give open libraries in shopping malls in support of reading, supported Russian women-writers; supported Russian women-entrepreneurs by the special edition book Never give up. In 2020 she launched www.thescoper.online and museum community project during pandemic to support museum staff. (www.muscom.online).

The current field of interest: writing&literature, creating new art projects, online&digital culture; education

TV channel about Tatiana's project on women in literature. 

TV appearance, speaking about Introduction to russian fashion exhibition and Recycled Art exhibition.


«I write about my observations of life» 

As a writer and journalist, Tatiana wrote numerous articles for different magazines as Russian Mind (UK), ZIMA magazine (UK); Russian Art&Culture (UK). 

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